Final meeting of INFRAGECO – BiodivERsA project

Last week the INFRAGECO teams organized the last scheduled meeting of the project at Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência – IGC (Oeiras, Portugal). During this three-day meeting (25-27 Nov 2019) we discussed the achievements of the teams in terms of field work, communication (with schools, NGOs, at scientific meetings), genomic data or scientific publications. We also presented the most recent simulation work and the first results of the genomic data analyses. Altogether more than 11 scientific articles have either been published, accepted or submitted, including a computer note. One good news that we were pleased to discuss was that the Call Steering Committee (CSC, i.e. all funding organisations) of the BiodivERsA 2015-2016 COFUND call accepted an extension of the project until the 31/05/2020. While this extension will not increase our budget it will allow us to finalize several parts of the project, including the analyses of genomic data that are expected to arrive in the next few weeks, and the publication of several scientific articles.



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