Inference, Fragmentation, Genomics and Conservation


Welcome to the INFRAGECO – BiodivERsA project website.

The Inference, Fragmentation, Genomics and Conservation (INFRAGECO) project aims to predict the effects habitat loss and fragmentation have on wildlife at several temporal, geographical, and biological scales. We examine regional, populational, and family units in both historic and contemporary contexts. Our study regions are located in northern and north-western Madagascar. They include a variety of habitats as well as native and invasive species of plants (genera Noronhia and Psiadia) and animals (lemurs and rodents). Madagascar is particularly impacted by deforestation, so our findings will have a direct relation to preserving regional biodiversity.

INFRAGECO brings together scientists and collaborators from Portugal, Madagascar, Germany, and France. We use genomics to collect vast amounts of genetic information from samples obtained during field work. We also develop freely available methods and software which will hopefully be useful to other researchers also interested in conservation biology.

By working with Malagasy scholars, students, local communities, and conservation stakeholders, we participate in mutual knowledge sharing to the benefit of all parties involved. Our results should help inform conservation authorities such as Madagascar National Parks (MNP) or the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN).